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Top 3 Small Business Goals of 2014 to Stay Ahead of Trends

Whew! Now that 2013 has officially come to a close it is time to kick your entrepreneurial spirit into high gear for 2014! Staying ahead of small business trends can be a tough task if a self-employed individual is unwilling to sharpen his or her skill set regularly. Here are three ways entrepreneurs can innovate this year:

Become a Social Media Influencer, not a Social Media Junkie.

Spending time creating tweets and like-ing Facebook pages can only market a business so far. To achieve greatness, entrepreneurs must become social media influencers. Shrewd social media enthusiasts understand to make an online impression, he or she must participate in conversations not just release information out into the wide blue social yonder.

Reply to fellow Tweeters with insightful commentary relevant to your market niche.
Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning, add your thoughts and comments to the image.
Make your Facebook page work for you, add widgets and links back to your Continue reading Top 3 Small Business Goals of 2014 to Stay Ahead of Trends

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Late-Night TV Business Opportunities

Late-night TV brings out some interesting and now those TV commercials are permeating the daytime airwaves as well. The particular kind of late-night television commercial is the one that touts a vocational school, a technical school or a can’t miss business opportunity. The schools tell you that they will train you for a particular job such as a motorcycle mechanic, computer repair person or perhaps how to become a welder. The small business opportunities that you see on late-night television are usually real estate related, a perfect business that anyone can make money in, or any other variety of sure thing in the business opportunity world.

I’m not going to disparage or endorse into the schooling or the business opportunities. I’m just going to give you some advice if you think that becoming students of one of those schools or investing in one of those business opportunities or business opportunity books is good or bad based on my experience as well as my research.

When considering a school that will teach her how to do a particular job, you want to look for a few things and compare some of them to what it would take to achieve the same result if you rely on the typical on-the-job training one would get as opposed to a full complement of schooling. Going to school full timeLate Night TV Books costs more than just a tuition, it also costs the money you don’t earn while in school so the economic factor is multifold and not one-dimensional. Schools that teach mission critical skills are important and may be the best option despite a fairly high costs for the tuition as well as the ancillary expenses.

First on the block you want to see the end result of the education. Examine Continue reading Late-Night TV Business Opportunities

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Smart Business People Fail Fast

Something is saved me and many others a whole lot of money was failing and failing fast. The faster you fail when you launch new business, product or service, the faster you stop leaking oil and stops spending to keep that particular move from putting a hurt on your wallet.

Many times a businessperson would get ahead that what they have is a “can’t miss deal” and will throw money after money after that idea. That often turns into throwing good money after bad. He may have done the proper research, did surveys and studies, checked online and even hired an outside firm to make sure that what they were about to embark upon the work and yet is still a business failure. Sometimes that happens and has happened more than you would expect and will happen again in the future.

New business launches are often an art and not a science.

Knowing you can and will fail at times, you need to know when to throw in the towel because if you do not throw in the towel at some point, you may have to wear that towel because you would end up and Continue reading Smart Business People Fail Fast

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Proper negotiating business can make you money

The old axiom that you do not make money when you sell rather when you buy is very true in one way to make sure your business is in the black is to negotiate properly. Before you get to the negotiation table you want to work out a few things in your mind.

The first thing you need to consider is your bottom line. If you do not have a line in the sand drawn in your mind will not be prepared to present and defend your case with the proper convictions. Be prepared to walk if things are going to cross that line in the sand and be prepared with a plan B if such an event happens. Remember, your goal is for your business to be profitable siege I can emotionally charged during the negotiation process and forget when the bottom line position is.

When drawing that line in the sand be realistic in your expectations. Odds are you’ll not be able to purchase something you need for your business at 50% below market value. That would be unrealistic goal to set as your standard in most situations and will blow your goals out of the water. Study the landscape and see what the worldProper Business Negotiationis offering and try to improve on that was not only your price but terms as well. Also remember that you may need to go back to the seller time and time again if this Continue reading Proper negotiating business can make you money

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The Branding of Your Small Business Web Site

Although businesses enjoy the added sales from their internet site, the added benefit of branding is almost always overlooked.

Sales could be insignificant and are at times but the opportunity for visitors to see what is available and get a general feel for a business from it’s online presence is not something that is tangibly measured.  Visitors, and almost more importantly, unique visitors, can browse the aisles of your virtual store at any hour of the day and without the cost of customer service labor.  While walking through your internet store a potential client should get a feel for who you are, the atmosphere of your store, the level of customer service they should expect and should make it easy to purchase from your website should they be so inclined.

In addition to the above, you want to make your brick and mortar business information available and accessible and give the visitor to your site the impression that they are invited to your location.  The point of your site is not always to get that Continue reading The Branding of Your Small Business Web Site

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4 Tips On Starting A New Small Business On A Budget

Are you among the millions of people who dream of starting their own business
but do not think they have enough capital to get started? Well, think again.
You do not require large amounts of money or the backing of a wealthy family
member to launch a successful business- financial savvy and resourcefulness can
make for a world of difference.

Therefore, whether you want to launch a consulting firm right out of your home or
start an internet company, having a well defined budget plan will greatly benefit your new
business in its early stages. Do not let a small budgetStart a small business on a budget derail your dreams of
business ownership as with some financial savvy, you can start a business for
less than you imagined. Below, we take a look at 4 tips on stretching your
small budget in order to launch your new business Continue reading 4 Tips On Starting A New Small Business On A Budget

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In Business You Need to Experiment or Die

One thing that causes many small businesses to fail is sticking to a certain way of doing things or not adjusting your product or services in a timely manner.  Standing firm despite signs that you need to make some changes in what you are doing can, and often does, end up being the cause of your small business failure.

Thus you need to experiment or die.I do not care how much research you have done, what kind and where you got your education, how much you have invested in your business ad how well it is doing in Peoria.

None of that matters if you are not successful when the rubber meets the road.  The bottom line is the bottom line.  If, when you take Continue reading In Business You Need to Experiment or Die