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Real Housewives, Prison and Theresa Giudice

Looks like a cash cow could be coming to the end for the Giudice family on Real Housewives as Theresa and her husband, Joe are facing time in a Federal Prison for committing mortgage fraud to the tune of over 9 million dollars or so.  The show is their main source of revenue and if they go to prison they could lose the cash flow from the show and possibly lose everything.

Theresa is looking at 21 to 27 months in prison and Joe Giudice potentially facing 37 to 46 months and then a possible deportation after they sit in front of a Judge for their sentencing July 8th.  No actual deal has been produced although one most certainly has been done as part of their plea agreement with a Federal prosecutor.

Real Housewives of  New Jersey should be completed before they head off to the slammer and face the music so it will not hurt the series this season but there could very well be an issue for Real Housewives of New Jersey Continue reading