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Winning Business Concepts

The guiding force behind is a discussing and sharing winning business concepts for any kind of business at all whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a start up in a person’s garage.  99.9% of the concepts shared are universal and can be used no matter what you are doing to keep the wolves away from the door as you manage and grow your business and the skill set required for the majority of the offerings is not overly egregious.  Winning Business Concepts will set you a part from your competitors and turn you from a run of the mill business into one that runs continually in the black.

Employment Business Trends
Will Stone With the economy in a constant flux employment news is first and foremost in the business world and our vision is to share with you employment trends, current employment opportunities, what jobs are hot and what industries are going to be the best to get involved with for the future. Jobs, careers, employment or work… call it what you will and this column will cover the news associated with it in a timely and objective manner. Stone brings his award winning writing skills and knowledge as to what is hap

Entertainment Business Trends
Lilly White The Entertainment world has more business news flowing that it is virtually impossible to keep track and you will find the most important and up to date entertainment business news available. Having our ear to the ground we catch the trending stories in the entertainment industry and give you an objective view and up to date information. Lilly White has been covering the entertainment news beat for some time and brings her unique insight as she shares some of the most interesting entertainment business news behind the scenes.

Small Business Trends
R.C.Fleck The business of America is business and small business is the backbone of business in America. Fleck brings his unique insight into the world of small business news with topics ranging from A – Z and gives a complete analysis of all small business news that crosses his path. From starting a small business to how to get funding to what businesses are hot today are all part of the menu.

Sports Business Trends
Jack Seller The sports world is not without business news by any means and on this page you will find a plethora of sports business news that will encompass professional sports teams and the various changes relating to the business end of those teams, salaries of prominent athletes, sporting teams that are moving or considering changing their geographical location and a variety of other events and trends that are in the sports business news arena. Seller’s ability to get to the bottom of a story is not exceeded by anyone else and is a great daily read.

USA Business Trends
Dick McCarthy USA Business News certainly has an effect on many different economies and with that in mind we aim to give you the most pertinent news stories that relate to the business world in the United States. Typically you will find financial news that is USA based, new industries that are making noise, trends in the business news world as well as small business news as McCarthy uncovers more USA business news that affects your daily lives.

World Business Trends

Geoffrey Thomas On this particular page you will find current world business news that affects the majority of the world. There will be world financial news, manufacturing news, news or wars and rumors of wars that affect the business world as well as a variety of other world news stories in the business world. Geoff Thomas has a handle on world business news like no other and will share ideas and insights that one would not get anywhere else.