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Starbucks Buys Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

Starbucks is not officially in the agriculture business. A recent purchase in Costa Rica has Starbucks, The Seattle based Mega coffee company, now the owner of 600 beautiful acres of farmland they can use to test coffee growing methods.

Sitting as high as 5,500 feet above sea level and as low as 3,600 feet, the elevation variations in the land will give Starbucks some research to see how the different elevations would affect the growth of various coffee varieties. Starbucks also plans to share the research with other farmers so as to improve the entire coffee industry which is part of the solid business model of Starbucks.

Typically properties of that starbucks new storessize, in that region, would sell in Continue reading Starbucks Buys Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

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The Real Estate Market and Housing Prices are Making a Strong Rebound

Things are flipping back the other way it the housing market as sales of homes are on the up tick as well as housing pricing. After a six plus year down market, the real estate industry is now reversing course and prices of homes are going up, up, up.

Real Estate markets such as Atlanta, Orlando, and Phoenix are setting the pace with housing values looking very strong as well as cities such as Dallas, Oakland and even Detroit. Detroit housing prices have been depressed for a significant time and down serious numbers but the home of the Auto Industry is now beginning Continue reading The Real Estate Market and Housing Prices are Making a Strong Rebound

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NFL Business News Trends and Notes

NFL Agrees to $42 Million Settlement

Over the next 8 years the NFL (National Football League) will payout a whopping Forty Two Million Dollars as a settlement to a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in 2009 and at it’s heart is the usage of images of retired NFL players in NFL films footage.

A fund that has recently been set up will be administrated by seven of the players that are part of the recipients of that over 5 million per year payout. The settlement was reached on Monday, March 13th and was awarded in Phoenix where the owners of the 31 NFL teams were having their winter meetings. Medical issues, Continue reading NFL Business News Trends and Notes