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Facebooking Apps Dealing with Changing Times

The Social Network Giant, Facebook, is changing so quickly that face booking with friends could require that one get some kind of daily newsletter outlining the “do’s and don’ts”, the “used to’s” and the “now cans”.

What once was an App makers playground is now becoming an arena where one needs to watch where they tread carefully as it has become a minefield for many App makers and has affected their users for a variety of reasons. Some say App makers are blocked due to their not selling out to Facebook, other say because Face book is trying to stop spam and other say it is because Facebook is acting more like a business as opposed to a place to hang out in the virtual world.

A few examples of App makers woes:

MessageMe – blocked from accessing users’ friends lists. Facebook claims it is a TOS (terms of service) violation as it is too similar to a FB core product or service.

Vintage Camera – Facebook indicated that the photo sharing App was generating too many complaints (Vintage disputes that).

Voxer – another messaging app was also told they were in violation of FB’s TOS and were blocked from accessing users’ friends lists.

Twitter’s Vine Video App was also blocked although many speculate, rightly or wrongly, that it is because Twitter is a bit of a competition of FB.

Facebook has been evolving as a business and doing what it can to clean up their own backyard by eliminating spam on feeds, increasing their revenue via ads as well as developing their own internal applications in order to maintain quality control and keep the user experience as it’s highest level.

Although the metamorphosis from outside apps to FB’s own internal applications could keep the quality control level of facebooking up and increase revenue, it could also hurt the Facebook brand with negative press in the online world. Facebooking is fun and can actually be productive but creating ill will with the millions (billions?) that used the rejected apps could have them looking at a competiting Social Network site to interface with their friends.

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