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GreenDot vs. GoFarr – Prepaid creditcards

Who offers the best prepaid credit cards: GreenDot or GoFarr

The Farrah Gray prepaid MasterCard cards or the goFarr cards have been launched by First Premier Bank in collaboration with Diamond Financial Products. Diamond Financial Products is one of the fastest growing companies which provide stored value products. The company is affiliated with various organizations including Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), Financial Service Centers of America (FISCA), National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), Southfield Chamber of Commerce and the Associated Food Dealers of Michigan (AFD). The First Premier Bank is the 28th largest ACH originating institution and ranks as the 12th largest card issuer in the United States.

The Farrah Gray prepaid MasterCard cards popularly known as the goFarr cards features the image of entrepreneurial bigwig and best selling author Farrah Gray. The Farrah Gray prepaid MasterCard cards have been created in order to enhance financial freedom and provides cardholders a convenient, easy to use, customer-friendly product. The Farrah Gray prepaid MasterCard card allows cardholders to prepay or store money as a balance that could be easily accessed for purchases, bill payments, or ATM cash withdrawals.

These cards could be used wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted, including ATMs around the world. Cardholders can choose to re-load the cards multiple times at different locations through different payment types such as check or money order, employer payroll direct deposit, cash, or bank transfers. As they are prepaid cards, there are no credit checks, no interest payments and no monthly fee. Cardholders can monitor the place and time as well as how much they have spent on the card through web / phone access which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus cardholders can access their account information and monthly printed statements.

Prepaid creditcards
Prepaid Credit Cards

Green Dot Corporation is a leading issuer of prepaid Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa debit cards in the United States. The Green Dot Financial Network offers cash acceptance services including prepaid card reloading and remittance cash collection. Green Dot prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards provide numerous benefits of a real credit card with no credit check or bank account requirements. The card could be used at several locations worldwide including ATMs. Customers can buy a new card for a competitive rate of only $9.95.

They will in turn receive their personalized card and cardholder agreement in the mail within seven business days. If a customer spends all the money on the card or wishes to add more money to the card, he should return it to any Green Dot Financial Network retail partner location to reload for $4.95. Green Dot Prepaid debit cards are perfect for consumers who are budget-conscious, students or those who are not eligible for a credit card or do not have a bank account. Green Dot provides different kinds of prepaid debit cards especially created to meet specific financial requirements.