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NFL Agrees to $42 Million Settlement

Over the next 8 years the NFL (National Football League) will payout a whopping Forty Two Million Dollars as a settlement to a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in 2009 and at it’s heart is the usage of images of retired NFL players in NFL films footage.

A fund that has recently been set up will be administrated by seven of the players that are part of the recipients of that over 5 million per year payout. The settlement was reached on Monday, March 13th and was awarded in Phoenix where the owners of the 31 NFL teams were having their winter meetings. Medical issues, housing help as well as aiding those retired players in career placement are just a few of the things that the fund will handle for the retired players.

Well Welker’s Agent Blew It says Bob Kraft

Bob Kraft, the illustrious and wildly successful owner of the New England Patriots, absolutely wanted Wes Welker back and to finish his career in New England, but claims David Dunn, Welker’s agent, misrepresented Welker in the free agent market as to his value. Kraft said that the deal signed with the Denver Broncos has no 2nd year guarantee and that Welker could end up with a mere 6 million dollar, one year deal as opposed tot he 12 million dollar deal advertised.

Kraft indicated that had Walker called him with the Bronco deal that Walker would would still be playing the slot in Foxborough and not going to the Mile High City with his excellent pass catching abilities. According to Kraft, Walker left 2 million dollars on the table for 2013 by signing with Peyton Manning’s team and that there would have been a guarantee for a 2nd year to boot if he had signed with New England.

These comments came in Phoenix at the NFL Owners meeting in a very detailed briefing by Kraft on Monday. In no way was this a slap in the face for Tom Brady who restructured his contract to make more salary cap room according to the owner. This is the second NFL free agent issue in as many weeks as Denver lineman, Elvis Dumevil, lost his shot at an eight million dollar payday for the upcoming season due to his agent not faxing in a response to a contract offer in a timely manner to the Broncos.

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