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Prepaid Visa Cards – NetSpend vs. RushCard

The best Prepaid Visa Cards – NetSpend vs. RushCard

NetSpend Corporation, headquartered in U.S.A., is a leading provider of processing and marketing services for private and proprietary MasterCard and Visa prepaid debit cards. Netspend Corp. sells cards in around 10,000 grocery and convenience stores, gas stations and check-cashing centers through out the U.S. The company aims to provide consumers who are in want of established credit or banking relations, the much-needed security and convenience generally related with debit and credit cards.

Capital One or Chase Credit Card
Prepaid Visa Cards

Although the cards offered by Netspend have a Visa or MasterCard emblem, they do not report to credit bureaus like true credit cards and as a result do not work towards creating or improving a cardholder’s credit history. Prepaid debit cards enable the depositing of funds which can be withdrawn anytime. Prepaid debit cards are similar in function to check cards or debit cards which are issued at banks, credit unions and some brokerages. The major difference lies in the fact that Netspend allocates a specific amount of fund to individual cardholder accounts in their system. NetSpend showcases an exclusive array of financial products such as: Reloadable Debit Cards or cards which can be reloaded continuously with funds, Gift Cards or cards that can be purchased in predenominated values and cannot be reloaded and Travel Cards which are essentially a combination of these two cards and could be reloaded only a limited number of times. There are several additional travel protection benefits associated with the purchases made by the cardholder. NetSpend, in collaboration with Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA) is the first prepaid card processor to provide a savings account feature with their cards.

The Prepaid Visa RushCard is a safe and convenient way for financial management with the protection of Visa’s Zero Liability policy. With the help of a Prepaid Visa RushCard, consumers can confidently manage their money. The consumer can set the limit by the amount of money he adds to the card. Later, he can use it to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted or to withdraw cash from around 800,000 ATM’s. Rushcard offers a lot of incredible features for the consumer. It helps to make purchases and pay bills online or via the phone. The Prepaid Visa RushCard saves time and money, tracks the consumer’s spending with 24/7 online access, helps Eearn cash with the Refer A Friend program, make purchases anytime online or over the phone and free direct deposit. The RushCard could be used to book airline/hotel reservations and helps withdraw cash quickly ATMs located worldwide with a secure PIN number.