5 Linkpushing Package


5 Linkpushes direct, 1,200 – 1,500 links pushing them up.



The new Linkpushing service has some of the same elements where we create a series of sites that link to one another as well as having the base link to your site.  The difference is that the process is not 100% automated because that direct to one’s site can be detrimental to the site.

Tier 1 is not automated anymore but rather 100% “peoplemated” from the content creation to the site building to images added and done using various IPs.  The IPs may be overkill but since we have buckets and buckets of them it made sense to use them as part of the process.

If we can customize the theme on the Tier one properties we do that; we add images as well as About Us and Contact Us pages.   They look as though the sites are there to inform, promote or share something of value as opposed to just a generic slap it together Web 2.0 property.

So you came to this page from a PM I sent you on BHW where you requested the BHW discount on this BST s0 I’m not going to go into a song and dance sales page but just give you the pricing and let you choose which package you would like.