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Saving Massive Time

The following five tips represent ways in which you can alter your life to save massive amounts of time. Who needs little five minute snippets of time when you can try out something for a month that could save you an eight-hour day worth of spare time? These five methods of expanding your time are also more difficult. They involve things like unplugging yourself from the Matrix for weeks at a time or spending some of your social time away from friends and family. I don’t recommend you taking on these experiments all the time, since they can be alienating. Employing them when you have a major self-imposed deadline, however, can give you the extra time you need to achieve an important goal on your project.

Give up Facebook, TV or mobile internet for 30 days. I realize that this is a doozy, but the fact that it sends shivers down your spine might be exactly the reason why you should do it. One should not become too dependent on any single activity in this world. We’ve all become a bit too dependent on Facebook, TV and using the internet wherever we go. Unplugging yourself from either of the three (or all three) for one month will not end your life. It may even save it. To accomplish this task, unplug what needs to be unplugged, delete phone apps as necessary and use some free web browser blocking software. Pick a day, mark your calendar and make it happen. Try this experiment during a month that seems overwhelmingly difficult. You may find at the end that you’d like to extend the enhanced productivity you experienced beyond 30 days.

Leave home one hour early and

Save Massive Time
Save Massive Time

return one hour late for 30 days. Assume there are about 25 work days in a month. Add two hours of productivity to each day and you have 50 hours to do with as you please. What would you do on your project with an extra 50 hours? Obviously, you’d need to get this experiment cleared with your loved ones, but once you do, you will have a 50 hour check worth of free time to spend. Where you choose to work during those extra hours is up to you: you could visit a library, coffee shop or gym, for example. All you have to do is leave early and get back late for 30 days. This will help you to both avoid distractions at home and have oodles of extra time to work on your book, business or blog.

Spend a three-day weekend in a library. I know that three-day weekends are often for rest and relaxation, but if you want to create something in your spare time, you need to work harder than most other people. That means you may have to spend some holidays working. Getting three straight days to work on your project can be priceless if you have the motivation to do it. If you spend your three days in a library, you’ll also have access to all the research materials you need for your project. The destination does not have to be a library, but I do recommend that it’s somewhere other than your home. Three concentrated days in a distraction-free environment can work wonders for your creative project.

Trade or outsource all your housework for 30 days. I probably spend about 10 to 15 hours a month on housework. If I had a larger house and kids, I’m sure that number would double. Calling in all your favors at once or spending some money on a maid or personal assistant for 30 days could convert almost all your chore time into spare time, but make sure it’s worth the investment. Let’s say you spend $500 to get somebody to help a couple of times per week for an entire month. If you spend that time to create a business that will make you $5,000 or more in the next year, it could be more than worth it. How much is your time worth? That’s a question to keep in mind throughout the creation of your project.

Use your sick or vacation days to spend a week straight on your project. This experiment can triple your productivity compared to the three-day weekend in a library. Start on a Saturday morning, use your sick days throughout the week and conclude on the following Sunday to get nine straight days to work on your project. If you are efficient with your time and energy (which we’ll discuss in the following sections), you can make a ton of progress on your project. You may even be able to get a rough draft of your project completed during that time. It stinks to lose vacation time and sick days to work on your project, but if you have some extra ones saved up, you might as well. To create a worthwhile project, you have to be willing to work harder than the other guy. You work while he or she sleeps or travels. Work for nine straight days on your project and you’ll be miles ahead of the other people in your shoes.