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Saving Massive Time

The following five tips represent ways in which you can alter your life to save massive amounts of time. Who needs little five minute snippets of time when you can try out something for a month that could save you an eight-hour day worth of spare time? These five methods of expanding your time are also more difficult. They involve things like unplugging yourself from the Matrix for weeks at a time or spending some of your social time away from friends and family. I don’t recommend you taking on these experiments all the time, since they can be alienating. Employing them when you have a major self-imposed deadline, however, can give you the extra time you need to achieve an important goal on your project.

Give up Facebook, TV or mobile internet for 30 days. I realize that this is a doozy, but the fact that it sends shivers down your spine might be exactly the reason why you should do it. One should not become too dependent on any single activity in this world. We’ve all become a bit too dependent on Facebook, TV and using the internet wherever we go. Unplugging yourself Continue reading Saving Massive Time