Windows Stores Coming to Best Buy Soon!

Best Buy will no longer be just a showroom for PCs allowing one to browse there and then shop at online stores such as Amazon and the like as Microsoft will open “Windows Stores” at about 50% of the Best Buy’s in the country.

With tablets and smart phones taking over as the preferred electronic device for online activity, Microsoft is looking for options to make sure it’s lucrative operating system still gets in the hands of as many users as possible and Windows Stores seemed like a good fit to make that happen. Pricing of the operating system to computer manufacturers will also be discounted to make PCs more affordable and thus more desirable. Additionally Microsoft is also working with Nokia’s development of Windows based smart phones.

With Microsoft working hard to maintain momentum and market share, they have also decided to, apparently, pay for any store remodeling or labor for the “Windows Stores” in Best Buy. This move makes Microsoft look a little like Apple in their business model and makes Best Buy look like geniuses for coming up with the idea.

Microsoft can be found in the markets under the symbol MSFT.

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