How to start a window-washing business

Starting a window cleaning business


If you are thinking of starting a window cleaning business, the idea is undoubtedly attractive in almost every sense. It just needs extraordinary schedule management skills, decision-making attributes, and knowledge of operations.

The added advantages are, window cleaning business doesn’t require any expensive or lengthy training, the overhead costs are low and you will get an ocean of opportunity to grow.

However, unlike any other business, a window cleaning business also requires some legwork to get started. The list includes acquiring window washing insurance, knowing the pricing of the jobs offered, and many more.

To help you in taking the guesswork out of it all, in this post we have gathered the required information for starting a window cleaning business. All the facts shared are verified by cleaning experts who are successfully running their business for decades.

In a nutshell

The steps that you need to follow to get your hands dirty with your window cleaning business include the following:

Make a business Plan

The term “business plan” carries a vast perfective with it. Things that you need to consider creating a full-proof business blueprint involves calculating the operational cost, preparing the list of required equipment, setting short and long-term income goals, and evaluating competitors.

Go for adding some recognition to your business 

Once you are done with the ground-level planning, it’s time to give your business the desired recognition. To do so, you can start with selecting a business name and claim the same in google my business.

Get your license and insurance

Research well about the permits you are going to need in your state to run a window cleaning business. Besides, protect your business by acquiring business insurance. By doing so gaining customers’ trust will become easier for you since this paper works work as the identification of a verified business.

There are a number of insurances that are needed to be done. The list includes but not limited to:

  • Liability Insurance (Dedicated to a catastrophic event, for e.g. dropping a tool on clients’ brand new furniture)
  • Workers Compensation (Something that protects your employees. Kind of compensation that covers them in case of the unfortunate events of workplace injury)
  • High rise window cleaning Insurance (Covers your workers when they risk their lives to serve your client while cleaning the windows of high rise buildings or apartments)

Developing a rock-solid marketing plan

No business can thrive without clients. So once you have decided to start your window cleaning business start putting enough effort into marketing. You can go ahead and meet local businesses and put some focus on building noteworthy online visibility.

Can you take the window cleaning business as a reliable career?

The straight answer is yes! In actuality, the window cleaning business can help you in building a great career. It offers high profitability as you can get your payment right on the spot. Besides, the revenue is recurring.

The general job role of a window cleaner includes bidding, scheduling meetings, maintain customer relationships, canvassing, and executing day-to-day operations.

The skills that you need to hold mastery are – customer service and sales. Apart from that, you need to be physically fit and mentally strong enough to stand with rejection.

How much can you expect to make from a window cleaning business?

The job of window cleaning costs $15-$30 per hour which makes $30,000 to $60,000 per annum. However, it depends on the region you are servicing. Usually, high-rise window cleaning services are even costlier. They usually start at $18 per hour. To maximize your profit you can earn even more by offering extraordinary house cleaning packages.

To complete more jobs in a shorter time you can depend on management software systems that allow you to track and assign jobs more conveniently.

How much do you need to invest to start a window cleaning business?

Don’t worry! You don’t need to break your bank to start with a window cleaning business. You can start it for even less than a thousand dollars. The investment amount will come down if you already own a van or truck.

The inevitable upfront costs include tools, uniforms, and licenses. To better your skills you can rely on the videos that stream free on YouTube.

Do I need a mentor?

The evergreen mantra of success lies in learning from others. There are many individuals who have touched the sky of success in the window cleaning business and every one of them accepts that it would be impossible if they wouldn’t have the right mentor.

Getting a mentor can help you in finding a shortcut way to success since you have a hand that can guide you through your ups and downs.     

The rule of customer servicing skill

Since window cleaning is a service-oriented business, you don’t have any other option except emphasizing service. Let’s face it! Anybody can wash a window! But if a customer is approaching you and asking you to help him with this simple job and he is also ready to pay you for the same then it’s nothing but the game of professionalism.

Washing a window and professionally cleaning it up is far different from one another. When it’s just about washing, you can do it with a bucket of water and a pinch of detergent. On the other hand, when it comes to defining professional window cleaning, it involves the use of correct pieces of equipment, extra-ordinary methodological skills, a lot of patience, and the right expertise.

Hence, it can be stated that you are not getting paid for just cleaning a window. Instead, your effort is being appreciated because of the set skillsets and professionalism, which is directly related to customer servicing and satisfaction.

Service basics that you need to take care of

 There are few service basics that you need to brush up on before you go ahead with your window cleaning business.

  1. Communication

A convincing communication skill gets half of the job done, be it meeting your client for the very first time, sending him/her appointment reminder, or invoicing. Good communication skills in wrapping up everything and develop a good relationship with your client.

  1. Technical Efficiency

As a businessman, you need to understand the value of time. To wrap up your job even more quickly and impress your customer with amazing punctuality, put some effort into brushing up your technical skills. You should be handy with things like handling electronic payments or tracking online booking.

  1. Appearance

The way you present yourself in front of your customers determines how they will evaluate you. It doesn’t mean that you need to look like Tom Cruz or Angelina Jolie but it actually means is you need to look professional and trustworthy.

Your documents, tools, uniforms, the vehicle should be clean and presentable at all times. Focus on little things like whenever you are visiting indoors put on shoe covers. This will convey the message that you care for the beloved clients and this is something that can go along with.

Final word

Hope you have got a clear idea about how to start a window cleaning business. In case, you are looking for more guidance, feel free to reach us. We’ll be more than happy to be a part of your journey to success. Best of luck! Happy earning!