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Stop sweating if narrowing down to a single, successful business idea has been giving you a hard time up until now. We are here to help.

We have devised 27 of the most compelling business ideas that you can do in your small town. So keep reading & come thank us later.

  1. Coffee Bar & Shop

When you talk about your nearby coffee bar & shop, you may not have the same picture in mind. However, if your residing town is small enough, and lacks clients, putting these 2 business plans together may be exactly what the mayor would embrace.

That said, before you start telling us how combining the 12 and 21 year-olds is an awful idea, listen to what we have to say first. We are not proposing a complete bar, rather, just a coffee space that also offer beer & wine after 4 pm. The idea why we are planning this an alcohol serving coffee shop is because, after the post-noon hours, the consumption of coffee plummets drastically.  If you want to keep your place open to earn extra money, fulfilling an extra demand in your little community could very well turn out to be the perfect business idea. This offers you not a place that only is for freelancers & business meetings, as well as for sweet dates & happy hours.

One extra thing that you should bear in mind is that you need to make sure your coffee place is liked by both the post-work crowd as well as the mid-day fellows. Nothing represents small-town charm like a relaxed, simple business set up. Choosing a design scheme which is authentic as well as modest would be good for the majority of your buyers and offer them the small-town sort of ambiance that your regular customers are willing to die for.

2. Board & Pet Grooming

The pet business industry is a total of $60 billion alone in the USA, thereby, it is super obvious why a small town contains one pet boarding or grooming facility or even a mix of the both, at the least. This pet industry is also an industry that never seems to slow down. In 1988, 56% of the house owners in the USA had a pet. By the time of 2016, the number rose to 65%. This entails that there are about 80 million house owners in the USA who have one pet at the least.

Pet boarding & grooming are also two lines of businesses in which the distance of the place and comfort matters. And these 2 things make them the perfect business for rural places. Nobody wants to drive through 2 towns to get give their pet a trimming, let alone the driving back home. As most of the small towns don’t contain a pet specialty similar to a Petco, you, as a pet business owner can also start capitalizing on the shortage of a huge pet shop at where the pet keepers will generally buy toys, food, and clothes for their loved animals. If you can plan out your business in a nice manner, you have the possibility of becoming the all-in-one place for all the furry-love. That entails that you’d make a ton of sales and profits.

3. Clothing Boutique

One of the biggest things small towns don’t have is quality shopping places. By that, we don’t only mean a big shopping center. Oftentimes, people who are residing in smaller communities and towns have to drive through a huge amount of path simply for typical clothes they need. This is exactly why firing up a dress shop for clothes won’t only make your place on the mark significant, but would transform you into a famous spot for the majority of the people living there. It is highly likely that you’d become a mall substitute for everything that relates to teenagers. You just have to ensure that you are aware of the updated trends. What’s better, they’d point you out if you are not up to date.

4. Vape Shop

While this may appear to be a pretty niche market for the small town businesses out there, the truth is that industry of vapes is skyrocketing inside the USA. In order to give you an idea of how large the vaping market has become, Quartz had stated that Yelp comprises over 10,000 vape shops on their database list as of this moment. That there is a massive figure, especially if you consider that the expense of typical smoking has been falling gradually. However,  depending on where you are based inside the country, starting a vape shop would come easier in some of the places compared to others owing to the state rules. So we suggest that you make sure to check up on the laws of your state before you pursue this line of business. Resources like VapeMentors can also come handy when you are trying to get your business off the ground.

5. Bakery

Starting from the morning coffee to your children’s bday cake, your nearby bakeries could fill an extensive amount of small-town demands. Even though it is can be incredibly hard to own and operate a bakery, if it has been your dream to make pastries for the people out there, then this idea is the right one for you. Hiring young people from your town is an amazing way to give back & remain connected to the community. If you are a newcomer to owning such a business in a small town, it is extremely important for you to do the necessary research beforehand. You’d want to acquaint yourself with how to set the price on baked food as well.

6. Specialty Food Store / Grocery Store

Although this may be an obvious option for a small town business planners, sometimes the most obvious answers go get overlooked the most. Even though a grocery shop may not seem like the most beautiful business option, it happens to be amongst the most practical recommendations we have and one that your entire town would definitely need. Similar to a lot of the small town business concepts, you can take lots of directions in this business. Your town may already comprise a local grocery shop. In such a case, you should go ahead and start a specialty food store.

If your residing town comprises that too, how do you think a cheese or wine shop would do? You could be negative and think about how much can a single town possibly need. But bear in mind that when you are serving a little group of people, the options are not very wide, which entails that you have the chance of helping out the residents in several ways. You should also consider starting a combination of wine and cheese store. Just keep in mind not to take on more things that you can deliver. Serving a couple things to a couple people is alright, however, don’t try offering every single product at once.

7. Gardening & Lawn Services

The one thing that the majority of the small towns share is grass. Tonnes and tonnes of grass. As the small towns are usually in rural places, more people comprise bigger gardens & lawns. This entails that the people would be looking for gardening & lawn services. A couple of the benefits of opening a business like this inside a small town is the predictability, scalability, and reliability of it. After you start to find clients and customers, if you offer quality services which you have priced right, there’s a big chance that the same customers would keep coming back for years.

You’d also be able to guess about the services that your returning customers would be needing. Aside from the grass being needed to cut again & again, laws have to be cleaned off bugs and weeds as well as fertilized regularly. This lawn care thing is also a business concept which you’d be able to scale nicely. You could start out by providing a couple of services like shrubbery care & law. But later on, you can expand and start offering landscape gardening services too.

8. Food Truck

Starting a food or taco food truck may have not been your long cherished dream or even on the list of ideas for a flourishing small business, however, depending upon where your town is located, the seasonality of the people living in it, as well as the weather, opening a food truck business,  could be an excellent investment.

A lot of the small towns contain a vivacious group of people, and oftentimes these involve activities in the outdoors. For instance, festivals, sporting events, as well as markets. If you can take your business to where the mass is means you’d be pocketing a ton of cash. What’s more, food trucks also come with the benefit of getting rented for special events. So for the small towns which are lacking an appropriate catering service, having the option of hiring a food truck for your son’s mitsvah or girl’s quinceañera happens to be one of the finest options.

9. Thrift Shop

Agreed, there may be fewer people inside a small town, or lesser shops & stores. However, that doesn’t entail that babies don’t overgrow their clothes, the mass doesn’t purchase furniture and children don’t start going to college. Inside our capitalist society, lesser people don’t always indicate fewer stuff. Thereby, starting a thrift shop or 2nd-hand store is an excellent way of helping the mass of your residing town to recycle unnecessary items when offering those who may not have much of expensive option of shopping.

One of the reasons that give sense to starting a thrift shop inside a small town is an excellent idea, is the majority of the stuff you’d sell would get through donations. This gives you logistics to think about regarding how to keep track of your inventory and how to regulate. This also means that although you are selling products for less than a typical shop, you’d never have to give money to a manufacturer or middleman. Kha-ching!

10. Become A Tutor

If there happen to be homes, there definitely would be kids. And when there are kids out there, there certainly would be grammar and math. Although the Internet is exploding with tutoring services, nothing beats and would never beat or replace the advantages of having an in-person teacher guiding you through everything. Apart from being an excellent business concept for the small towns, tutoring can turn out to be a lucrative business as well, for yourself as well as others who are working for you.

If you want to hire employees, we suggest you start with a couple of tutors who specialize in reading, math, writing, and science. Don’t go out there to hire tutors who pose themselves as a jack-of-all-subjects. Such tutors are very few out there and are very likely to be costly to employ from the very beginning. Rather, search for tutors who are specializing in one single subject and have past teaching and tutoring experience.

11. Car Washing Service

Be it a small town in Upstate New York, South Florida or North Dakota, one thing is certain: people love glistering modes of transportation to rusty, muddy wrecks. That’s simply how human life rolls. You can pay the payment of your car every month, so your right shines as well. If there doesn’t happen to be a car wash inside your town as of this moment, or one in your nearby towns at the least, starting a car washing service may be the perfect small town business idea.

Here’s one thing you should consider before you get started: your location, your location & your location. Get this part of your planning right and you’d ease of the remaining part of your ride far more easier.

12. Exercising/Gymming Studio

If you are thinking that opening a gym inside a very small town is an awful idea, you might have to reconsider that thought. Just like our physical body comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes, so does exercise studios and gyms. Although fitness is one of the greatest fit as a small town business concepts, they’re especially profitable for places where the weather remains colder than the other months of the year.

Another thing that MUST be mentioned is that the boutique fitness trend is in full swing as of this very moment and is not showing a single sign of ending. The attraction of such a gym that has rows & rows of cardio tools and weights is dying out on their popularity. Which means that there is no better time than now of capitalizing on this boutique fitness trend.

13. Start A Restaurant

Each and every town, be it small or big, have the demands of a couple quality restaurants. And they sure deserve them. The local pizza caste of yours would not be able to cover up all of the events and occasions going on. But a lot like having a bakery, starting a restaurant isn’t a thing where you want to go into with second-class effort. You must have the fire in you, the passion, the obsession, and the drive of both — a chef as well as an entrepreneur (or an extreme foodie, at the least).

However, if you have the experience under your belt or the fire inside you, being a restauranteur could turn out to be a lucrative thing and an excellent business idea for the small town out there. Just know that it may seem very glamorous from the appearance, 1 out of 4 restaurants would end up failing the very first year. We aren’t telling you this to discourage you. In fact, take it as a precaution and be prepared. Before you go ahead and start your market, it’s best to conduct some market research. It will help you make sure your business remains open and keeps leaping towards the top.

14. Open A Sports Bar

Even though we have already recommended starting a combination of coffee/wine shop above, the group of clients you’d get from that idea in comparison with this one is substantially different. It will be more like Monday Night Football and Super Bowl Sunday place and not so much of book clubs and first dates. And also keep in mind that special events for sports games can give birth to huge business. Starting a profitable sports bar in a sports-centric town could turn out to be an excellent investment. However, if you misestimate the interests of the town in question, it can turn out to be devastating as well. Thereby ensuring that you know the type of the group enrolling themselves in such a venture.

15. Specialty Organic Good / Health Food

There happens to be one trend which has been brushing this country for more than 2 entire decades. That is health food. Even though the idea of healthy food has changed and has changed constantly over time, the default idea of eating better and healthier of living longer & looking the best ain’t ever going away. One aspect of this trend which has been proved scientifically helps to eat organic foods. People tend to eat organic food for a plethora of causes, however, staying in rural places & small towns can oftentimes make it hard to find fresh organic food and production.

People eat organic stuff for a plethora of reasons. However, residing in rural places & small towns can complicate the process of finding fresh organic food & produce. The worldwide sales of health food are anticipated to touch 1 trillion dollars by 2017. Whether you think of yourself as a health nut or not, that’s just a tough figure to neglect. Research also depicts that customers are ready to blow more cash for putting healthy food on their plate. Hence, if getting access to organic & allergy-free food happens to be limited in your place, make it a consideration to go the organic path. Be it a small town or large town business, a health food store happens to be a solid concept regardless of where you live.

16. Barber Shop / Hair Salon

Even the allegorical Rapunzel had to take a trim every once in a while. It is a service which the majority of the people require, regardless of their age, about a dozen times per year. If you are now calculating the average number of women inside your town & multiplying it with 3, by thinking that is the size of business you will make each year, you are doing it wrong, or at least too narrowly.

Starting your personal barber shop comes with many extra services which do far more than simple hairdos. Think about all the things — makeup, coloring, nails, these are just to name a few. And also remember, men, tend to get haircuts about once per month. And, if you are covering that gray, once every 6 weeks sounds like the right spot. Good haircuts, depending upon your geographic placement & the experience of your stylist and sell for about 100 USD. Just make sure to have a foolproof plan before you start your small town barbershop.

17. Ice Cream Shop

Once a wise man stated that in order to be qualified as a small town, there stands a precondition that it MUST comprise a place for ice creams. Okay, perhaps we cooked that up ourselves. But anyway, if it isn’t true, it should be. Starting an ice cream store inside a small town is a business idea certain to attract a lot of crowds. Understanding and being familiar with your most famous flavors of ice cream, and being willing to work day in day out, alongside the weekends, all should be taken into account.

You just need to keep in mind that this business has to go through the issue of seasonality. Hence, just the way we suggested you the boutique fitness business, in terms of cold weather climates, we are suggesting ice cream stores for places which are comparatively warmer. Pinpoint the perfect town alongside the perfect weather & this idea of your small business would turn out a no-brainer.

18. Home Decor / Improvement

Are you the person who gets called by all their friends when their sink gets clogged or their roof starts leaking? Do you want to open your business, but don’t feel excited about owning a brick-and-mortar place? If so, then a home improvement business may be the exact small business idea you have been looking for. When the little towns are out of basic jack of all trades, the people of that town have to make appointments, if not weeks before having a bigger service visiting their house. That is not so very comfy if the toilet in your house has been clogged for 3 days or more.

If you are qualified enough, and have the experience under your belt, and know your workaround to a tool shed, opening a business centering handyman seems to be a pretty straightforward thing & needs a bit overhead.

19. Gift Card Store

The Americans buy an average of 6.5 billions of greeting cards year-round. Even though sales are assumed to be between 7 to 8 billion dollars per year, as per the Greeting Card Association, the majority of these cards are now bought in big box shops like Walmart & Target. People residing in small towns oftentimes can’t get access to this sort of places, not inside their immediate neighborhood, at the least. Offering the people inside your town a place where they can not only buy cards but, gifts as well as a huge retailing opportunity at your disposal.

The diversity & variety of items you could be carrying would be limitless, which gives you the freedom to fool around with your inventory till you get that special combination of products of your small town business right.

20. Flower store

While it may come as a surprise to you, starting a flower store could be a very budget-friendly idea and excellent when considering small towns. To be precise, that would be less costly in comparison with a car wash or restaurant. Per, opening a flower store has fewer expenses compared to the other retailing businesses. One of the only expenses you’d face is buying a cooler to keep your items (aka beautiful flowers) cool and fresh.

Even though your local group of people would be enthralled to get fresh flowers inside their town, you’d still have to go through the hardship of going up against online delivery services. Keep in mind that, if you happen to be the first flower shop owner inside the town, they most possibly have the habit of making online orders. Breaking the habits could turn out to be hard. The best way of competing with the Internet flower world is with a fair price point, customer service & attention to detail, and a twig of creativeness.

21. Cleaning Service

A lot like a handyman service, a cleaning service is a great business concept as well for the small towns. However, in that case, you have to be willing to give up a storefront. Even though it is becoming more and more popular these days for people wanting cleaning services to make use of larger startups & companies, oftentimes, services like these either have not evolved into rural places or do not have contracted workers who would be interested to travel to far more remote towns.

This may turn out frustrating for people who are looking for a twinking kitchen, however, is a huge opportunity for business for you have at your disposal. It is also one of the most effortless concepts, to begin with by investing very little if any at all.

22. Bookshop

The bookshop never goes dead. Bookshops now may be different & may bear resemblance a bit of the thing the majority of us recall from our child-days. That said, that’s not necessarily a bad memory. If anything, the need for bookstore owning persons to devise innovative and new ways to succeed have leaded us to tonnes of extra business windows. And speaking of business windows, isn’t that what small towns solely focus on, devising creating ways of providing the majority of the options for their group and creating opportunities?

Agreed, if you have taken the decision to create a bookshop as a part of your small town business, you’d wanna ensure that your prime focus happens to be the books. However, that doesn’t entail that you cannot add other facets of if your group of people or extra items inside your shop. People rarely go into a bookshop only to get books. Bookshops have now become one of the main places for crafts, gifts, coffee, e-readers, and even events. Having a variety of things on sale and holding events would diversify your income stream and bring more customers to your shop, even those who typically may not be the paper-book sort of people.

Another thing that may astonish you is that there a lot fewer bookshops out there in this day and age, sales at the bookshops that have braved out the storm happen to be 5%. Even though it’s somewhat because of lower competition, it’s also because of that the chance of reinventing bookshops for the twenty-first century has turned out to be profitable.

23. Electronics Dealer

If you are planning to something challenging, this here is the time for it. What do you think about trying out yourself as an electronics dealer who specializes in drones as well as their accessories? If that sounds way narrows and off the straight, trust us, it is worth a shot. The commercial net worth of drone market is assumed to grow over 1 billion USD by 2022. That there is a huge market & you now have the chance the jump on the bandwagon early and taking over the market. If you have been seeking an idea outside the box, then this here is it.

24. Bed & Breakfast

If you’ve resided in a small town at some part of your life & entertained house guests, chances are, you have oftentimes wished of your town to consist a bed & breakfast. Even though small towns which have a tourism industry would often contain historical inns or a motel at the least, the towns are not exactly MA, Plymouth or Williamsburg, VA oftentimes goes without. That entails that there will be no space for the in-laws for staying or guests for a wedding or a family reunion.

Starting a little bed and breakfast or inn could be the gap your town needs to be filled. However, if the thought of being able to keep your rooms booked is concerning you, start small. Bed & breakfast owners almost always live in the same homes they manage for business and even oftentimes turn their big homes into B&Bs. This here is an excellent idea for people who have lately turned empty nesters alongside way many rooms to fill up. If you happen to be later in your life and wanting a business idea for your small town, this idea is worth the time and shot.

25. Bowling Alley Place

Even though this is not the most budget-friendly thing on the list, this one can turn out to be super profitable as well as appealing small town-wide. An established bowling alley could turn out to be the center of your town’s social life. Aside from the general bowling income stream, drink & food (especially alcohol ones), can allow you to rake in the bucks as well. You can rent out small town bowling alleys for some extra income. Similar to other businesses, small & large, having a good business plan in place for the bowling alley is a super important thing.

26. Microbrewery

Opening a microbrewery ain’t for the faint-hearted people. It is not for them as well who don’t drink, live and breathe beer as if it is some holy water. That said, if you can see yourself in that persona, by all means, go for it. Even though it may look like a very crowded business industry, the truth is that although microbrewers are starting at a rate of 2 breweries each day, it simply ain’t enough compared to the demand the industry is generating. So if you have been hesitating of following your passion, let us tell you that the right time to delve into a business industry that’s a great fit for a small town.

27. Massage Therapy Service

Simply because you do not have the commotion of the large city up your sleeves, doesn’t mean people living in small towns don’t comprise pains and aches and the plethora of stress. If you happen to be a people person who likes to work with using their hands & getting to see and meet new people, this can be an excellent line of work and business concept for your small town.

That being said, massage therapy sure does take a substantial quantity of training. So it is not a business you would be able to start in the next few weeks until you already happen to be a license-holder massage therapist. However, there are many a program and schools you can get into to get that license. After you have completed your training, as a massage therapist, you can fix your own hours, work where & when you want to, and build up a solid returning customer arsenal.

Last Words

Irrespective of the business concept you go with for the given small town, the right planning is crucial for the success of your business. And because it is a huge commitment of time and lifestyle, while owning a small business, make sure the choice you make brings you both — joy & profit — for your foreseeable future.


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