How to Start a Cleaning Business

Should You Start a Cleaning Business?

Now that it is time to diversify your income streams, you may be wondering how to start a cleaning business. There is always a place that needs cleaning done. Also, after cleaning, it is bound to get dirty again and will need more cleaning. Hence the reason for the high demand. The cleaning industry is a huge and lucrative one. Thus, you can start solo, at a tiny scale, and grow into a massive national company. You can’t do this in a day, of course, but if you want it, you can achieve it. We have excellent tips that would not only let you get to know the basics but also help grow your new business from scratch.

What You Should Know About the Cleaning Business

You already know that the cleaning business is lucrative. Nevertheless, you should also know that it is physically draining. The stress may be much if you are doing it alone and doing a lot of jobs back to back. Apart from this, other things you should know about starting a cleaning business are listed below.

1.    Customers

You’ve decided to start this business, but who are the people you want to serve? How do you intend to reach them? These are the questions you should ponder.

2.    Small scale

Do you want to do it alone? Most cleaning businesses start on a small scale. Moreover, doing it alone may be stressful if you have a lot of customers. However, you can take along a friend and pay them at the end of the job.

3.    Large scale

If you think big, how big will it be? You have to rent an office space or make your home the office. You need to employ people, buy equipment, get registered, among other things. So, when wondering how to start a cleaning business, you should know the answer to this too.

4.    Price

You should know how much you want to charge. Decide on an hourly or daily rate. You may want to be cheap when deciding on a price because you are just starting. That will not help you. Low prices may get you many customers, but you will be exhausted with little profit. Therefore, put a reasonable price on your service. If you do not know the starting price, try asking around. You don’t have to charge the same, but you can derive your worth from that.

What You Will Need to Start Your Cleaning Business

Before you start your cleaning business, here are some things you will need to do or put in place. Follow these steps to know what starting a cleaning business entails.

1.   Name

You shouldn’t start without a business name. Think of something you’d like to call your business, especially if you intend to grow it into something bigger. Make it a brand, build a reputation for it.

2.   Registration

At first, no one may mind that your business isn’t registered. However, as it grows, the government will pay attention. You will find more information about registering your business with the government here: Therefore, make efforts to get registration and licensing done. You surely do not want issues with your business when it starts developing.

3.   Budget

Starting a business requires money. However, for a sole proprietor, you may not need much. However, you need to plan logistics, marketing, equipment, chemicals, and cleaning materials, among other things. If you are worried about funding your budget, you can find out about business loans from here.

4.   Equipment

When buying the necessities for your business, the scale you are will determine how much you will need. For example, if you are into housekeeping for your neighbors, you may not need to buy anything at all. It’s more likely that they will have all the cleaning materials you will use.

5.   Customer Service

Before you do your first job, you should put customer service in place. Get your unique selling point and use it to retain your customers. Decide on social media handles, phone numbers, and various ways customers can contact you.

6.   Marketing

How do you intend to sell your business to potential customers? It would be best if you had a marketing strategy. You may do adverts on your social media or, better still, open accounts for your cleaning business on different social media. Your local newspapers may help if you consider putting adverts on them. You can also do a postal campaign to print flyers and distribute them to potential customers. Word of mouth works too, and it is usually free. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to hire and recommend you.

Cleaning Job Types You Can Choose From

There are numerous cleaning job types that you can choose from, and if you have the capacity, you may combine them all.

  1. Pool cleaning
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Appliance and electronics cleaning
  4. Mattress and furniture cleaning
  5. Pet/farm cleaning
  6. Exterior cleaning
  7. Post-construction cleaning
  8. Showroom cleaning
  9. Rental cleaning
  10. Office and workspace cleaning

These are not the only types of cleaning business possible. There are several others. Feel free to be creative. Think of what needs cleaning but is often ignored. That may be your unique selling point.


Cleaning is lucrative enough if you can pull it off. There are several options to choose from which will give you an edge over your competition. Whatever you do, make sure to do a good job. That will help secure long-term customers.

Now that you know how to start a cleaning business, making up your mind should be easy. Make a plan, begin your cleaning business, and make some money.